Wrong or Right by Kwabs

First post. Thought i’d start it off with a review I wrote a year ago…Enjoy.

‘Wrong or Right EP’ is the debut release from London based singer Kwabs. It is a 4 track EP with no featuring artists and includes a remix of the title track. I had only heard the name Kwabs here and there on places like MTV and so came under the assumption that he was an upcoming rapper like Nick Brewer and Isaac Danquah. So I was stunned when pressed play and listened to the title track and heard vocals that I could only compare to a ‘Marvin Gaye/Jacob Banks fusion’. It was a pleasant surprise nonetheless.

‘Wrong or Right’ is the first track of the EP. The electro/pop feel is significant but it’s really the powerful R&B vocals that will really pull you into the song like it did with me. There is a certain groove that builds up which should have you vibing along towards the end. It stands very well as a possible promotional single. I wouldn’t necessarily call it upbeat but it is definitely more upbeat than the song that follows in track-list order.

‘Last Stand’ is the second track. From the immediate onset I was able to feel the gloom that song carried to it, from the vocals, lyrics and production. There is more of a yearning in the vocals which is portrayed in the song and emphasised by the lyrics. The slow beat adds to this gloom. I can go as far to picture a video concept. Dark room, minimalistic, colourless.

‘Spirit Fade’ is the third track. I find this one harder for me to describe. It is a real experiment of sounds which I feel gives the track a unique flavour. It’s like an alternative, electro, folk mash, lovely to listen to if you just want to relax. I don’t feel though that the track tells a story as strongly as the previous ones do.

The remix to Wrong or Right puts a heavy club/trance feel to the song, a song I would  be vibing to only if I was in that sort of club environment

Let’s not take away from the artist that is Kwabs. He has a special sound that is carried throughout the EP. From this release, I sense a strong artistic identity that should do the industry a world of good.